Nancy Pelosi Hits Back : Trump is like a kid with ‘doggy doo on his shoes

NANCY Pelosi has hit out at Donald Trump again, likening him to “a child with doggy doo on his shoes,” after saying he was obese. 

Nancy Pelosi Hits Back : Trump is like a kid with ‘doggy doo on his shoes

During a press briefing in Washington DC on Wednesday, Pelosi said she was giving the president a “taste of his own medicine” and highlighting his health risks during the coronavirus crisis.

“You’re asking me about the appropriateness of the actions of this president of the United States? So completely inappropriate in so many ways that it’s almost a given,” Pelosi said.

“It’s like a child who comes in with mud on their pants or something — that’s the way it is, they’re outside playing. He comes in with doggy doo on his shoes and everybody who works with him has that on their shoes, too, for a very long time to come.”

Pelosi went so far as to claim she’s spoken to doctors about Trump’s mental state.

“I hear doctors talk to me about saying, ‘What’s matter with him?’ The things he says are so inappropriate for a president of the United States,” Pelosi said.

“There’s a word somebody used to me. They said you would understand it better if you knew what a confabulator is — look up the word confabulator — someone who just really doesn’t even know what the truth is. And just says anything. And because he says it, then he believes it,” Pelosi went on.

Pelosi also gave her thoughts on Trump’s assessment that she was a “sick woman” with mental health problems after his meeting with GOP senators.

“I don’t take offense at anything,” Pelosi insisted. “The president says things about me all the time, I say one thing about him and it’s like, ‘oh,’ some equivalence here.”

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