Trump ‘most Corrupt US President’; Accused Of ‘toxic Fog Of Lies’ – Steve Schmidt

Republican strategist Steve Schmidt on Tuesday launched a scathing attack on US President Donald Trump over his inefficiency in handling the COVID-19 crisis.

In His latest tweets he Pointed out about everything that President Trump had done to mishandle The Situation “at an epic level”. According to the strategist, the USA is being smothered under a “toxic fog of lies.”

Steve Schmidt Also Called Trump as  “The most corrupt President in American history” Schmidt said that Trump has “risen on the racist birther conspiracy.” Further attacking the President, he said that Trump does not know the concepts of ethics, honor, decency, and selflessness.

Have a Look at Tweets done by Steve Schmidt –

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He Also Made a made a comparison and said that Barack Obama’s Presidency did not have a single criminal indictment. He added that Obama had made America stronger during his tenure. However, according to Schmidt, Trump, in the coming months, will start a war on reality and truth, and that he will be supported by “an echo chamber of dishonesty.”

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